While Lagerfeld was busy musing on the wind, Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton louis vuitton travel bag must have been thinking about those hard workers who fly in it – namely bees.

In her show late Tuesday on the eve of the close of Fashion Week, Burton presented an extravagant collection constructed from hive-like fabrics. The ornate, immaculately tailored garments, mostly jackets with pants or hotpants, all came cinched at the waist, and all imparted Queen Bee status on their wearer.

In the amber and gold hues of a beehive, a bustier whose pattern louis vuitton tote bag resembled an armadillo hide was paired with black cropped pants, their hive pattern revealing skin underneath in a dazzling juxtaposition of armour and exposure.

The reptilian fabric on another dress, a dramatic tight column of black with a vampish flounce below the knee, was so tactile, it begged to be touched.

Burton – who received international acclaim after designing Kate Middleton’s louis vuitton travel bag wedding gown – also showed a dozen or so hoop-skirt looks that managed to remain both elegant and avant-garde at the same time.

Part Can-Can, part Madonna in the 1980s, the dresses in cream, pale yellow, gold and black were corseted, a favourite motif of Burton, and the exposed tiered hoop skirt recalled the segmentation on the abdomen of a bee.

And lest we forget that bees can sting, Burton obscured louis vuitton tote bag her models’ faces with inky black hats that evoked apiarists’ headgear.

Fashion changes as quickly as the wind, and maybe that’s what Karl Lagerfeld had in mind on Tuesday at Chanel, where enormous wind turbines greeted guests at his spring/summer louis vuitton travel bag 2013 show in Paris.

But with the floors of the expansive Grand Palais made to louis vuitton tote bag resemble solar panels, one might have thought the prolific German designer was instead making a statement on going green.

“I started to sketch in St. Tropez over the summer and it was so hot I wanted some fresh air,” Lagerfeld explained after the show.


Whatever the reasoning, Lagerfeld presented a wide-ranging readywear collection that occasionally incorporated synthetic fabric, but one in which classic Chanel looks using nubby wool, tweed and pearls were reworked for warm weather – all without one camellia in sight.

Jennifer Lopez, wearing a cream lace thigh-baring dress, was surrounded by a phalanx of cameras in the front row, where rapper Kanye West and model-come-actress Laeticia Casta also held court.

“It’s so chic, it’s so French, it’s like a monument today,” Casta said of Chanel, which louis vuitton travel bag has managed to keep its fashion clout and mighty branding power under the watchful eye of Lagerfeld more than 40 years after the death of founder Coco Chanel.

The first look down the runway was, unsurprisingly, a little black suit, but its kicky leather skirt imparted an edgy flair and Chanel’s beloved pearls, surrounded by rhinestones, dotted the boxy jacket in a whimsical polka dot pattern.

A semi-sheer synthetic ribbed fabric was worked into slim black trousers paired with short-sleeved bolero jackets with pearl buttons, or used for body-hugging minidresses worn with cropped knit jackets.

Lagerfeld worked the solar panel pattern into various tweeds and into a bold graphic in red and blue that popped on sweaters and jackets. Stunning in its simplicity was a column dress cut mid-thigh louis vuitton tote bag with a severe straight neckline that shimmered from tiny beads in twilight blue, silver and black.

But, always curious, the designer played with the concept of air and wind, presenting floaty black dresses in sheer silk chiffon structured by a quilted panel bodice and adorned with tufts of multi-colored fabric that fluttered like feathers.

More classically Chanel was a slim black evening gown with exaggerated louis vuitton travel bag Peter Pan collar and white cuffs. Its puritan simplicity fell by the wayside when the model moved, exposing a leg-baring split up the front and a shimmery fabric that lent elegance and sparkle.

Lagerfeld may have been day-dreaming in St. Tropez of a pleasant, cool garden when he sketched the closing dresses in the collection, columns of white in a cotton and linen netting fabric elaborately embroidered with peonies and ivy vines.

Accessories were big and bold, whether the sunhats with broad brims that resembled wheels, the chunky lace-up heels, or the faux-pearl chokers whose beads resembled Christmas ornaments.

After the show, Lagerfeld, wearing a candy-cane stripe cravat and louis vuitton tote bag signature fingerless gloves, was asked what his secret was.

With the spirit of 1990s grunge pervading the runway, it wasn’t louis vuitton travel bag your mother’s YSL at the Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris on Monday night.

New designer Hedi Slimane channeled the Seattle scene in the era of grunge-rock band Nirvana. Models in ratty Courtney Love hairdos moved sullenly down the catwalk, with  shapeless plaid lumberjack shirts covering babydoll dresses cut up to there.

Certainly, Slimane played with many of the famous label’s elegant louis vuitton tote bag design motifs that recurred throughout the decades – sharp tailoring on jackets, halter tops with exposed backs and demure white Peter Pan collars with black bows.

But it was perfectly apparent from the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection that Slimane and Saint Laurent’s owner, luxury group PPR, are searching out younger clients, born too late to remember the many innovations of founder Yves Saint Laurent.

The ready-to-wear shows in Paris – part of an 11 billion euro ($14.3 billion) French industry – largely influence what will be seen on fashionable backs around the world the coming season.

Slimane quickly put his mark on the label after being appointed louis vuitton travel bag to head it last March, truncating the ready-to-wear brand’s name to howls of protest from loyal fans.

But on Monday, the brand boasted its new Hollywood creed with Kirsten Dunst of “Spider-Man,” in the front row, as well as French actress Catherine Deneuve, former muse to Saint Laurent.

Rocker leather jackets appeared over and over, as did leather ankle boots. Slimane even sent out Paddington coats and suede and fleece coats that looked like they could have been found on a thrift store rack.

Underneath the heavy coats and plaid shirts, one could barely louis vuitton tote bag make out what appeared to be sweet little silk dresses that Deneuve might have worn in the 1967 film “Belle de Jour,” albeit much more thigh-baring.

Luxury goods are perhaps the best calling card that French businesses can boast of when it comes to China. The Chinese market is undoubtedly the beacon that most luxury goods makers louis vuitton tote bag have their eyes fixed on, even as demand in more developed markets wanes.

French luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior are still the most popular brands for gifts among wealthy Chinese customers, said the Hurun Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013. The survey covered 551 individuals on the Chinese mainland with a personal wealth of 10 million yuan ($1.6 million).

Six French brands, such as Hermes and Cartier, are among the top 15 louis vuitton travel bag best brands for gifts among men, while the top three brands on the list for gifts for women are all from France: Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Cartier.

“The promise of glamor, sophistication and elite status that brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel offer is appealing to many Chinese consumers who either have become wealthy or aspire to become wealthy,” said James Roy, senior analyst with China Market Research Group, a strategic market intelligence firm based in Shanghai.

Even though China’s luxury market grew just 7 percent last year, compared with 30 percent in 2011, Chinese consumers were still the world’s largest luxury consumer group, said US consulting firm Bain & Co.

Though there is intense competition in the Chinese luxury brand market, the French brands have developed their own niche in China due to the premium-tag association and louis vuitton travel bag their rich heritage in making quality products.

Just unveiled, available. This is the new rhythm of the second line of Versace, he must now call Versus Versace. Unveiled during a night and musical event in New York last Wednesday night, the new concept of the line embraces the consumption requirements of a “generation that lives online,” as explained by Donatella Versace. The inaugural louis vuitton tote bag parade had both the main line signed Donatella Versace and the first capsule entrusted to Columbia JW Anderson.

The main collection for men and women went to get his themes in the history of the brand started in the early 90s: denim, studded leather and optical printing. An appropriate choice since the nineties aesthetic inspires new street and catwalks.

The new protected sister of Gianni Versace, JW Anderson, also presented more conceptual silhouettes. “The idea that drives the collection is that of a modern Versace Versus, sharp, focused on louis vuitton travel bag sharing clothes,” describes what Londoner born in Ireland 28 years. A man in the wardrobe of a woman, and a woman in a man’s, “he develops.

The main collection was available for purchase on the e-shop of the brand on the evening of the event. The capsule signed JW Anderson, meanwhile, will make its commercial debut online on June 15 before joining the physical outlets selective. Thereafter, Versace Versus introduce new pieces in his e-shop throughout the year without bending the calendar shows. Donatella Versace, for whom this new concept represents louis vuitton tote bag ”the future of fashion”, prefer their “new formats”. In different capitals of the world, interactive launch parties introduce new collections, which will be available instantly to its new target, a Web and rebellious generation “who refuses to wait for the last look” .

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